"I feel more confortable speaking in public now"

"I feel more confortable speaking in public now"

  • Siffren Diana on the Reims campus ©Siffren DianaSiffren Diana on the Reims campus ©Siffren Diana

Siffrein Diana is in second year of Undergraduate College on the Reims campus. He shares his reasons for choosing Sciences Po: to be part of an international environment, gain a solid academic foundation, and be able to pursue his passion for the violin. And finally, to discover what he really likes so he can fulfil his potential. Interview.

What made you want to study at Sciences Po on the Reims campus?

Sciences Po is very well reputed. At high school, a friend told me about the Reims campus where I could continue my studies in an English-speaking environment. I've been learning English since I was little by watching BBC TV programmes. My parents are English teachers and I really wanted to improve. Secondly, the subjects offered in first year at the Undergraduate College—economics, law, history, sociology, and political science—are fascinating. The international aspect of Sciences Po is a real challenge and I really liked the idea of doing my third undergraduate year abroad. Thanks to the priority given to international experiences, I have already done my first internship in Brazil, with an NGO that takes care of children after school. I taught them English, often using songs and nursery rhymes that I learned as a kid, like "Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes."

How do you manage your time between study and leisure activities?

I've been playing the violin since I was four. I'm lucky to be studying at a university that lets students make the most of every opportunity and encourages artistic activities. I play the violin at Reims Conservatoire and I've enrolled in other workshops offered by Sciences Po, such as theatre and photography.

How did you find the transition from high school to Undergraduate College?

I've changed so much! I've learned to be more independent in general. I feel more comfortable speaking in public thanks to specific classes and seminars. I think I'm less shy now than when I arrived on campus. I mix with other students from all over the world. We've left the nest and now we have to make our way, reach out to others.

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