International graduate admissions: eligibility criteria

Last Update: 
29 September 2020

The international graduate admissions procedure is open to applicants having completed their university education in a non-French university and having obtained any of the following:

  • an undergraduate level degree (Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Sciences / licenciatura / licence) at the time of entry to Sciences Po or
  • a minimum of 180 ECTS credits or
  • a Master's level degree (magister or magistracy, for example) for countries in which universities do not award undergraduate qualifications.


  • Eligibility through the international procedure is contingent on the applicant having completed his/her undergraduate studies in a non-French university. It is not based on the applicant's nationality.
  • You can only submit one online application per academic year. You cannot apply to a graduate programme through two different admission procedures the same year.
  • Applicants completing an undergraduate programme under which they will not graduate before 4 or 5 years are not eligible to apply before they have or are about to obtain their degree. No exemptions will be made.
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