Racheal Lawrence: Educating Nigeria’s Future Generations

  • Racheal LawrenceRacheal Lawrence

Ever since she was a child, Racheal Lawrence has dreamed of contributing to the development of her country: Nigeria. Today, as a graduate of the Paris School of International Affairs’ Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action, she is pursuing this goal by working to enable the education of future generations of Nigerians. Meet this ambitious and socially involved alumna.

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From Sciences Po to the European Parliament

Hear from Charlotte, a Sciences Po alumna and European Parliamentary Assistant
  • Portrait of Charlotte ©Sciences PoPortrait of Charlotte ©Sciences Po

Charlotte Nørlund-Matthiessen did her undergraduate studies on the Dijon campus, which hosts the European specialisation programme with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe, before enrolling in the European Affairs Master’s programme at Sciences Po. Since graduating in 2012, she has worked on multiple projects inspired by her drive to build a stronger Europe.

Building Bridges for Solar Power

After graduating from PSIA, Immaculada Miracle has entered the realm of international collaboration on solar energy projects
  • Picture of Immaculada Miracle in conference room ©Immaculada MiraclePicture of Immaculada Miracle in conference room ©Immaculada Miracle

Immaculada Miracle graduated in June 2018 with a Master’s in International Development from the Sciences Po Paris School of International Affairs. She now works as an International Manager at both the French National Institute for Solar Energy (INES) (fr) and the International Solar Alliance (ISA).

Learning by Doing at the Missouri School of Journalism

Gaëlle Fournier, an undergraduate of the Reims Campus, shares her experience of her third year abroad
  • Gaelle Fournier at the Missouri School of Journalism ©Gaelle FournierGaelle Fournier at the Missouri School of Journalism ©Gaelle Fournier

At Sciences Po, students automatically spend their third year abroad. It’s a time for students to get to know a new culture, practice another language, expand their skill set, and open their minds. Gaëlle Fournier, who spent two years studying on our campus in Reims, chose to spend her third year at the Missouri School of Journalism, one of the world’s oldest dedicated journalism institutions.

Keeping Raqqa Alive

Student Lamis Al Jasem has a passionate mission to restore the memory of her hometown in Syria
  • Recent photos shared by See My Raqqa ©See My Raqqa / InstagramRecent photos shared by See My Raqqa ©See My Raqqa / Instagram

Sciences Po student Lamis Al Jasem was born in Raqqa, Syria. Tired of the onslaught of images of destruction that have characterised Raqqa in the media since its capture by the Islamic State in 2013, Lamis decided to show the world her hometown as she once knew it.

Sciences Po Girls Conquer Rugby

  • Sciences Po's girls rugby team ©Sira ThierijSciences Po's girls rugby team ©Sira Thierij

Tabea Biesemeier, a student from Germany, sees joining Sciences Po’s all girls rugby team as the best decision she made while an undergraduate on the campus of Nancy. Playing rugby has allowed her to practice her French and meet new people, from Sciences Po as well as outside.

Experiencing the French Job Market

Meet Emily, a second year international student who balances her Master’s in Communications with an apprenticeship at a PR agency
  • Emily Olyarchuk: international student and apprentice ©Sciences PoEmily Olyarchuk: international student and apprentice ©Sciences Po

Emily Olyarchuk is a second-year Master’s student in Communications at the School of Management and Innovation and an apprentice at Burson Marsteller, a global PR agency with offices in Paris. We interviewed her on the benefits of gaining professional experience alongside studying and the process of finding an apprenticeship in France as an international student.

Student and parent: combining the two

Camille Viros, mother of three daughters, graduated in June 2018 with her Master’s degree from the School of Public Affairs
  • Camille Viros with her three children ©Camille VirosCamille Viros with her three children ©Camille Viros

Sciences Po is proud to be one of ten academic institutions selected by UN Women, the United Nations entity for gender equality and the empowerment of women, to act as a “HeforShe Champion”.

Meet Sciences Po's 2018 Undergraduates

Take a tour of the campuses and meet our new cohort of undergraduates
  • Student from the Sciences Po Menton Campus ©Sciences PoStudent from the Sciences Po Menton Campus ©Sciences Po

It’s the start of the academic year at Sciences Po, which means welcoming another cohort from across the globe to each of the seven undergraduate campuses. What do our students think of their new university? Why did they choose Sciences Po and what do they hope to achieve before the end of their studies? Hear their responses.

From Sciences Po to Fashion Design

Jingjing Fan, Sciences Po alumna turned fashion designer, discusses entrepreneurship
  • Jingjing Fan, founder and designer of Elleme ©Sciences PoJingjing Fan, founder and designer of Elleme ©Sciences Po

Since graduating from Sciences Po in 2011 with a Master's degree in Finance and Strategy, Jingjing Fan has been pursuing her lifelong passion in the fashion industry. She founded Elleme, a luxury accessories brand based in the Marais but with an outlook that is global. Hear more about her path from Sciences Po to haute couture.

A dream come true

The heartfelt testimony of one of our 2018 graduates
  • Meggy Pyaneeandee, 2018 graduate, in the gardens at Sciences Po ©Sciences PoMeggy Pyaneeandee, 2018 graduate, in the gardens at Sciences Po ©Sciences Po

After receiving her diploma, Meggy Pyaneeandee, 2018 graduate of the School of Management and Innovation and Miss Île-de-France 2016, wrote a heartfelt letter to Sciences Po. Read her story.

Dear Sciences Po,

It was very important to me to express my gratitude for these last six years.

"Define success on your own terms"

Meet Justice Betty, 2018 Valedictorian
  • Director Frédéric Mion and Justice Betty ©Columbia UniversityDirector Frédéric Mion and Justice Betty ©Columbia University

The 2018 Columbia University Valedictorian is Justice Betty, a graduate of the Dual BA degree from Sciences Po and Columbia. Watch the speech she gave at commencement (beginning at 1:58:50) and read the interview of an inspiring young citizen.

Meet Robert Tindwa, recipient of the L'Oréal Excellence Award

  • Robert Tindwa ©Elisabeth Brunet / Sciences PoRobert Tindwa ©Elisabeth Brunet / Sciences Po

Robert Tindwa started as an undergraduate on the Sciences Po Reims Campus. Today he is a Master's student and the recipient of the L'Oréal Excellence Award Africa. Read the interview.

"I discovered a continent and career I love"

Anna Těhlová, Graduate of the Urban School, found her passion in Nairobi
  • Street in Nairobi, KenyaStreet in Nairobi, Kenya

Anna Těhlová, a 2017 graduate of the Urban School: Governing the Large Metropolis, is now the Co-founder and Coordinator of the Public Space Network in Nairobi, Kenya. Read the interview.

"My world view has been entirely shaken"

Isabel O’Brien is the recipient of the 2018 Henri de Castries scholarship
  • Isabelle O'Brien ©Krystof StupkaIsabelle O'Brien ©Krystof Stupka

Isabel O’Brien, first year student in the Dual BA Program between Sciences Po and Columbia University, has been awarded the 2018 Henri de Castries scholarshipBelow is an excerpt of her personal statement

"I believe in service leadership"

Interview of Mastercard Foundation Scholar Astou Diouf
  • Astou Diouf ©Didier PazeryAstou Diouf ©Didier Pazery

Astou Diouf from Senegal is part of the first cohort of Mastercard Foundation Scholars studying at the Sciences Po campus in Reims. Astou plans one day to start a business in the agri-food industry in Africa.

"Living in Beirut has confirmed my love for the Middle East

Meet Wendy, student on her 3rd year abroad in Beirut
  • Wendy Trogneux ©Sciences PoWendy Trogneux ©Sciences Po

After spending two years at the Sciences Po Reims campus in the Europe-Africa programme, Wendy Trogneux is spending her third year abroad in Beirut, Lebanon. She is learning Arabic, taking journalism and gender studies classes, interning at the Institute of Women Studies in the Arab World, and immersing herself in the effervescent street art and culture of Beirut. Discover her everyday life.

"Even small actions can have a great ripple effect"

Interview of Mastercard Foundation Scholar Zipporah Gakuu
  • Portrait of Zipporah Gakuu ©Didier Pazery / Sciences PoPortrait of Zipporah Gakuu ©Didier Pazery / Sciences Po

Zipporah Gakuu is a first-year student and part of the first cohort of Mastercard Foundation scholars at Sciences Po. From Kenya to her first steps on campus to today, her commitment to giving back to society and defending women and children’s rights is growing everyday.

"To be a PhD student is to be at the heart of knowledge production"

  • Doctoral School's dean Pierre François ©Sciences PoDoctoral School's dean Pierre François ©Sciences Po

Of Sciences Po’s seven graduate schools, the Doctoral School has a unique status. This school awards both Master’s and doctoral degrees, and supports aspiring researchers at the beginning of their research careers in law, economics, history, political science and sociology. At the Research Forum – an annual event for students that promotes careers in research – the Doctoral School’s new dean Pierre François, a researcher at the Centre for the Sociology of Organisations, sat down for an interview.

A healthy passion for helping others

Meet Ashale Chi, a student on the Reims campus
  • Ashale Chi ©Didier PazeryAshale Chi ©Didier Pazery

Ashale Chi from Cameroon is part of the first cohort of MasterCard Foundation Scholars at Sciences Po. Ashale talked to us about her first months in the Europe-Africa programme on the Sciences Po campus in Reims and her healthy passion for helping others.

"As arbitration practitioners, we have a duty to take part in institution building"

  • Leia Shin in ParisLeia Shin in Paris

After four years of working as a lawyer in international arbitration and cross-border litigation, Leia Shin (33) decided that it was time to take her expertise to the next level. She left Lee & Ko, the second largest law firm in Seoul, to begin an LLM in Transnational Arbitration & Dispute Settlement at the Sciences Po Law School in Paris.

"I hope one day we will see the positive outcome of the 2011 Egyptian revolution"

Meet first-year student Malak Gadalla
  • Malak Gadalla ©Clb/Sciences PoMalak Gadalla ©Clb/Sciences Po

Malak Gadalla, who comes from Egypt, will matriculate to the Sciences Po Campus of Menton in the fall, where she will pursue the Europe-Middle East programme. The second in our 2017 #FirstYearsScPo series. Read the interview below.

"Judge all people through the lens of a dance party"

Watch the graduation speech of Master’s student William Cox
  • William Cox, Graduate of Honour ©Sciences PoWilliam Cox, Graduate of Honour ©Sciences Po

On Friday, June 30th, graduation ceremonies took place for the Sciences Po Urban School and the School of Public Affairs at the Maison de la Radio in Paris. William Cox, who earned a Master’s degree from the Urban School, was named a graduate of honour and gave a speech at the ceremony.

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How Master in Avanced Global Studies students make the most of their professor

Join the class with Professor Lakhdar Brahimi
  • Students and Professor Lakhdar Brahimi ©Sciences PoStudents and Professor Lakhdar Brahimi ©Sciences Po

"It's interesting and stimulating for me, I hope it is for them too!" Lakhdar Brahimi, diplomat, former UN special envoy and iconic figure of international relations, is also a professor at the Sciences Po Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA).

"You can pick up Sciences Po's WiFi connexion from the beach!"

  • Sciences Po campus in Menton ©Sciences PoSciences Po campus in Menton ©Sciences Po

Hardy Hewson, a British student in the second year of the dual Bachelor’s programme between Columbia and Sciences Po, describes his time on the Menton campus, from classes specialised in the Mediterranean and the Middle East to parties on the beach and playing rugby in the town where Webb Ellis, the sport’s founder, lies in rest.

"The question of ethics hasn't been sufficiently addressed"

  • Lukas Hochscheidt in Paris ©Sciences PoLukas Hochscheidt in Paris ©Sciences Po

In the run up to the French presidential election, the famous weekly Paris Match invited international students from the Sciences Po Undergraduate College to shed some light on the words that matter to them in politics. Lukas Hochscheidt, 19, a German student in the dual Bachelor's degree programme with Freie Universität Berlin on the Nancy campus, chose the word ‘ethics’.

Why did you choose the word ‘ethics’?

"I wanted to work in Africa and for Africa"

  • Cyrille Nkontchou ©Sciences PoCyrille Nkontchou ©Sciences Po

Cyrille Nkontchou is an African leader committed to the development of his continent. A graduate from Sciences Po and Harvard, he was nominated as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2006.

He talked to us about the businesses he started in Africa to support the emergence of the African middle class through the development of education and agriculture.

Sciences Po: Could you tell us more about Enko Education, the business you started in 2009 in South Africa?

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"India's immense historical heritage significantly influenced my decision to study social sciences."

  • Lavanya Pai a second-year student ©Sciences PoLavanya Pai a second-year student ©Sciences Po

Lavanya Pai was born in Bangalore, a city in the South of India, and has lived there for most of her life. Now a second-year student in the Europe-Asia undergraduate programme at Sciences Po, she talks about her life in Le Havre, a small city which now feels like home.

On 25 January, Lavanya will take part in the Sciences Po Live Q&A. Watch the Q&A, and ask Lavanya all your questions about studying at the Sciences Po undergraduate College.

"I feel more confortable speaking in public now"

  • Siffren Diana on the Reims campus ©Siffren DianaSiffren Diana on the Reims campus ©Siffren Diana

Siffrein Diana is in second year of Undergraduate College on the Reims campus. He shares his reasons for choosing Sciences Po: to be part of an international environment, gain a solid academic foundation, and be able to pursue his passion for the violin. And finally, to discover what he really likes so he can fulfil his potential. Interview.

What made you want to study at Sciences Po on the Reims campus?

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"After ten years in banking, I wanted to do something good enough to put my name on"

  • Samuel Maruta in Vietnam ©Samuel MarutaSamuel Maruta in Vietnam ©Samuel Maruta

After ten years in the banking industry, Sciences Po alumnus Samuel Maruta aspired to do something simpler, more fulfilling and more creative. In 2011, he co-founded Marou Chocolate, a trendy artisanal chocolate brand made in Vietnam and distributed all over the world. Interview.

In 2011, you co-founded Marou Chocolate, a trendy artisanal chocolate brand made in Vietnam and distributed all over the world. How did you come to start a chocolate-making business? Can you tell us broadly about your career path after Sciences Po?

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"I want to work with communities that i'm not familiar with and try to solve problems together"

  • ©Libertad Sobrado©Libertad Sobrado

Libertad Sobrado started volunteering with non-profit organisations when she was at high school in Costa Rica. She has been involved in various initiatives to help improve living conditions for local populations through recycling, environmental protection and education. Libertad looks at her studies at Sciences Po as a way to further her engagement. The fourth in our series #FirstYearsScPo.

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