Teaching at Sciences Po

About 4,500 people teach at Sciences Po each year. Together, our permanent faculty and adjunct faculty from diverse backgrounds—other higher education institutions, business, banks, law firms, the French or European civil service, international and non-governmental organisations, and more—put our educational approach into practice, passing on their knowledge, enriching students’ skills and abilities and helping them develop their intellectual courage, critical thinking and sense of responsibility.

Faculty, the backbone of our educational approach

L’ensemble des enseignants et des  4800 enseignements assurés sur les 7 campus de Sciences Po  sont répertoriés chaque année dans le Grand syllabus.

Le spectre des domaines abordés est très large, de même que les formats pédagogiques mis en oeuvre. Les enseignants interviennent dans un cadre transdisciplinaire nourri par la recherche et ouvert à l’innovation pédagogique et à l’international. Environ 1300 membres de la communauté enseignante dispensent des cours en langue anglaise, hors cours d’apprentissage de langues ; ces enseignements en anglais représentent 45 % des cours.

Le corps enseignant a un profil varié :

  • 46 % exerce une activité dans le secteur de la recherche et de l’enseignement ;
  • 54 % est issu d'autres domaines parmi lesquels : le droit (9 %), le management (7 %), la finance (7 %) et les médias (4 %) ;
  • la moyenne d'âge est de 41 ans ;
  • 20 % des enseignants sont internationaux, et représentent près de 60 nationalités dont 40 hors union européenne ;
  • chaque année 20 % des enseignants interviennent pour la première fois à Sciences Po.

All faculty and the 4,800 courses taught on Sciences Po’s seven campuses are listed each year in the Syllabus.

Courses cover a vast range of fields and employ an equally vast range of teaching formats. The academic framework in which our faculty teach is cross-disciplinary, research-led, internationally engaged and open to pedagogical innovation. Approximately 1,300 faculty members deliver courses in English, not including language courses; 45% of all courses are taught in English.

Our faculty has a diverse makeup:

  • 46% are academics
  • 54% are from other fields, including law (9%), management (7%), finance (7%) and the media (4%)
  • The average age is 41
  • 20% of faculty are international and represent nearly 60 nationalities, 40 of which are non-European Union
  • Each year, 20% of the faculty is new to Sciences Po

A vibrant, dynamic community

An active network

Faculty socials

Every second Thursday in the month, informal after-work drinks are held in a café. Come any time from 6 pm and stay until 9 pm or later for stimulating discussion in a friendly atmosphere. The first drink is free.

The Sciences Po Faculty Facebook group

This group is reserved for Sciences Po faculty and is a complementary way to interact with your colleagues. Let them know about your latest publication, share your news (conferences, research, etc.), propose events that you’re organising, share articles or documents that have caught your attention, and be the first informed of Sciences Po news specifically concerning faculty.

Join the Sciences Po Faculty group

Meetings at the Undergraduate College and Schools

The Undergraduate College and graduate schools organise faculty meetings at the start of the year to discuss teaching with colleagues from the same programme according to the teaching and learning objectives of their sector.

A faculty involved in university life

The Faculty Newsletter

The Faculty Newsletter is sent out monthly during the academic year. It keeps you up to date with significant institutional matters, what’s going on in the teaching community and news about teaching programmes and educational initiatives. It also offers practical information and special access to certain events.

The institutional newsletter, “A Week at Sciences Po”

Faculty receive the Sciences Po institutional newsletter every week. If you don’t receive it automatically, you can subscribe.

Sciences Po events

Sciences Po faculty are welcome to attend all events organised at or by the university: conferences, colloquiums, debates, master classes, visits from leading political, academic or cultural figures, and a range of other events. See upcoming events.
Certain events are organised exclusively for faculty: private museum or exhibition visits, invitations to exhibition openings and film previews, and the faculty New Year’s ceremony to which Sciences Po President Frédéric Mion invites the faculty every year.

Support for students and institutional projects

Faculty are also involved in mentoring (fr.), fundraising, student career counselling, entrepreneurship (fr.), etc.