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Pre-College Programme
  • Cindy, Pre-College Programme AlumniCindy, Pre-College Programme Alumni

Cindy, 16 years old, is a high school student in Canada. In July 2017, she participated in the first edition of the Pre-College Programme. Read our interview to hear what she has to say about her experience at Sciences Po...

Why did you choose to come to the Pre-College Programme last summer?

"I had always wanted to go to France and I am deeply interested in the social sciences. I was attracted by the reputation of Sciences Po - especially its focus and expertise on the social sciences - as well as the opportunity to take French classes and explore French culture. I thought this programme was the perfect fit for me."

What did you enjoy most about your classes?

"The academic programme was rigorous and rewarding. I enjoyed the readings, which covered a wide range of topics from human security to behavioural economics. They gave me new, interesting perspectives for looking at the world and helped me better understand people and society. The highlight for me was definitely the master classes. The professors were not only knowledgeable, but also incredibly kind, and the themes of the classes were closely tied to current events. I continue to draw on the knowledge I gained from these classes in my academic and personal life, and I wish to pursue these subjects further in university."

How did you find the atmosphere at the Summer School?

"Despite the academic rigour, the activities were a lot of fun (especially if you'd never travelled to France, like me!). The campus was calm and gave an intimate feeling, whereas the Reims city centre was both easy to navigate and lively with lots of people and restaurants. The incredible counsellors took care of all aspects of our lives. I felt the Summer School team truly cared about its students to a degree that I had not experienced at any other institution."

What about life outside the classroom?

"I enjoyed the opportunities to explore French culture. Paris is such a beautiful city, as the reputation has it. I liked the historical feeling of both Reims and Paris, and felt a strong presence of arts and culture in France. I explored different neighbourhoods of Paris, took a trip to Versailles and even attended a ballet performance. The quality of activities exceeded my expectations. There was plenty of great food too: I found myself eating to my heart’s content and always adding the irresistible dessert at the end!"

If you look back at these two weeks, what did you gain from this experience?

"I gained more information about complex global issues, such as immigration and integration, and learned a lot about other students' countries and perspectives. The student body was truly international and I had many eye-opening conversations."

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