Life outside the classroom

Pre-College Programme

"I enjoyed the opportunities to explore French culture. I liked the historical feeling of both Reims and Paris, and felt a strong presence of arts and culture in France." - Cindy, Canada 

Due to the suspension of residential summer camps in France, the Summer School has decided to move the Pre-College Programme online.  

While the academic programme is intense, the Online Pre-College Programme makes time for extracurricular activities. The Summer School prepares an enriching social and cultural programme online. Students have the opportunity to connect and bond with other talented students from around the world through icebreakers and collaborative games. Beyond social activities, the programme includes diverse cultural visits with professional guides that immerse students in Parisian landmarks and museums, as well as a Sciences Po campus tour and a creativity contest. 

For more information about the activities organised during the Online Pre-College Programme, sign up for the Summer School newsletter.

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