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University Programme
  • Summer School students exploring Paris (Photo: Manuel Braun)Summer School students exploring Paris (Photo: Manuel Braun)

Covid-19 Information: Due to the global Covid-19 outbreak, we have made the decision to cancel the June 2020 session of the University Programme and move a selection of the July session courses online.

As the University Programme will take place online in Summer 2020, core courses in the social sciences and French language are held at the times that allow the maximum number of students in different time zones to participate. Given the limited number of time slots suitable for students in different time zones, the online session will focus exclusively on core courses. Elective courses will not be offered for Summer 2020.

In normal circumstances, in addition to their core studies in the social sciences or French language track, all students may take an optional elective course. These classes are an opportunity for students to delve more deeply into a subject of interest, or to explore a new topic. Students may take one elective class per session, which represents a total of 24 hours per session. Elective courses include French language classes for students in the social sciences track, courses on French politics and history, as well as thematic social sciences courses.

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