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Pre-College Programme
  • 2018 Pre-College students in class (photo: Caroline Fauvel)2018 Pre-College students in class (photo: Caroline Fauvel)

2020 Summer School Applications

Applications for the 2020 Pre-College Programme will open on 9 January 2020.

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Application Overview

Applying to the Pre-College Programme requires the successful completion of a selective application process. More information on the application process and required documents is available on our How to Apply page. 

Application Processing Fee

A 40 € application fee is required upon submission of the application. Payment is only by credit card on the application tool.

Registration Process

Admitted students have a limited amount of time to confirm their participation in the programme once they have received their acceptance email, after which their place will be forfeited. In order to reserve their spot in the Pre-College Programme, participants are asked to pay a deposit fee and return their registration documents, including a parental authorization form, a copy of the parent’s proof of identity and an acceptance form for the programme regulations. 

Before the start of the programme, participants will also be asked to pay the remaining programme fees, and provide their arrival and departure information, as well as a completed medical form and proof of health insurance valid in France.

More information on the Pre-College Programme's regulations is available on our Policies and Procedures page.

For more information on applying to and enrolling in the Pre-College Programme:

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