Pre-College Programme
  • 2018 Summer School students in a French language course (photo: Didier Pazery)2018 Summer School students in a French language course (photo: Didier Pazery)

"It was a truly amazing experience. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the philosophy so much, that I have no difficulty whatsoever imagining myself at Sciences Po in the future. The courses were extremely interesting and interactive, especially the Master Classes. I was very impressed by the classes and also by how Sciences Po managed to bring together such a diverse and fun group of people." - Luisa, India

Due to the suspension of residential summer camps in France, the Summer School has decided to move the Pre-College Programme online. 

The overall structure (tutorials, Master Classes and elective) and content of the programme have been maintained and classes will be held in a live, synchronous format to allow for maximum interaction among students and their professors. Courses are scheduled to accommodate various time zones, to allow students to participate throughout the world. 

The Pre-College Programme is designed to introduce students to the key disciplines and methodologies of a Sciences Po education. Participants tackle rigorous academic content through an interdisciplinary lens, exploring current issues in international relations, political science and more.

The academic programme includes a variety of courses, representing about 34 contact hours in total, spread over the course of two weeks. All the students attend the same core courses in the social sciences and take an elective course of their choice.

The 2021 academic programme is now available. 


Core courses, taught entirely in English, are meant to introduce students to Sciences Po’s core disciplines, through a combination of Master Classes and tutorials (about 20 contact hours). For each session, students attend a series of four 2.5-hour Master Classes, taught by Sciences Po professors and researchers, that explore current world issues.

For each Master Class, students participate in interactive, small-group tutorials, which develop their understanding of the material and themes addressed during the Master Classes and in the required readings. Tutorials also prepare students for university studies in France and abroad by introducing them to the academic methodology that they will encounter in higher education.

As Master Classes are different from one session to the other, students can participate in both sessions and select two elective courses (one for each session). 

Learn more about the 2021 Master Classes.


In addition to their core courses, students participate in one elective class of their choice (about 14 contact hours per session). Students choose one elective course among different introductory workshops, within Sciences Po’s key disciplines, such as political science, international relations, or sociology.

Admitted students rank available elective courses in order of preference. The Summer School makes every effort to accommodate students' preferences, but cannot guarantee that students get their first choice. Elective courses are allocated by the Summer School academic team according to the student’s profile, motivation and availability. When an elective course reaches its full capacity, the course is no longer open to registration. 

Learn more about the elective courses available in 2021.


Schedules have been adapted to accommodate many different time zones :

  • Master Classes and tutorials are taught from 14:00 to 16:30. 
  • Elective courses are either taught from 9:00 to 11:00 or from 17:00 to 19:00. 

Course times are indicated in Paris time, CET. 

Schedules of the programme vary according to students' elective course choice. Students select an elective course, which determines in which schedule they can participate. Consult the two possible programme calendars: schedule A (PDF, 111 Ko) or schedule B (PDF, 112 Ko). Detailed schedules per course are available on the elective course webpage. 


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