21 September 2023

Green Consumerism: Between Ambition and Action

Calls for eco-citizenship and commitment to the energy transition are everywhere. The idea seems obvious: by transforming our individual consumption practices, our modes of transport […]
21 July 2023

Child Support: Why Isn’t it More Common and Significant in France?

by Émilie Biland-Curinier Child Support, a Major Root of Gender Inequality After Parental Separation Marital separations increase economic inequality between women and men. This observation […]
14 December 2022

Are We Saturated With Organisations?

A group of researchers at the Center for the Sociology of Organisations has recently published a book entitled: The society of organisations (Presses de Sciences […]
14 December 2022

Making Public Policy Evaluation Accessible

What is the purpose of public policy evaluation? How are evaluations produced? How can the issues be shared with a wide audience in order to […]
13 December 2022
Guide du datajournalisme 1.0 BETA.

Is a Data Journalist Worth a Hundred?

by Sylvain Parasie, médialab It is hard – if not impossible – to discuss the role of journalism in democracy today without mentioning the Internet, social networks and algorithms. […]
13 December 2022

Schoolyards: An Answer to Climate Challenges?

Like all large cities, Paris is, and will continue to be, particularly impacted by climate change. It is also a city brimming with potential for […]
27 November 2022
Laura - Séance de portrait pour la campagne 2018 de l'association "Tombée du Nid", pour la reconnaissance des personnes porteuses de trisomie 21. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Refusing Down’s Syndrome Screening: A Reasoned Choice

How to understand pregnant women who refuse screening for Down’s syndrome(1)It is a genetic disease that can cause physical and mental disabilities, the extent and […]
13 June 2022

Forestry Work: a Key to Fighting Global Warming?

In March 2021, the National Forestry Office (ONF) shared on social media a photograph of the Minister of Agriculture marking a multi-hundred-year-old oak tree intended […]
13 June 2022

Are Elected Officials Compensated for Working?

In the social sciences, it has become a matter of course to consider and analyse the activities and office of elected officials as work. Commonly […]