21 September 2023

Global Opinion on Climate Change

For nearly fifteen years, EDF and Ipsos have been polling public opinion around thirty countries on climate change perceptions: are people worried? Do they consider […]
21 September 2023
a traffic Intersection in a modern subdivision by B Brown © 2003-2023 Shutterstock

European Cities: Governing the Transition to Sustainable and Decarbonised Mobility

by Charlotte Halpern  The European Union (EU) has committed to carbon neutrality by 2050, requiring a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation […]
21 September 2023
Volodymyr Zelensky au Parlement européen CC-BY-4.0: © European Union

Enlargement of the European Union: Stop or Else?

The influence of Eurosceptics in the European Parliament The invasion of Ukraine has once again brought the issue of European Union enlargement to the fore. […]
21 September 2023
We're,Moving- Everett Collection ©Shutterstock

Is State Reorganisation Perpetual?

by Philippe Bezes How often and how intensively are administrative structures inside central governments created, split up, merged and reformed by hierarchically shifting them, changing […]