21 September 2023
Green Deal européen. Image Pixabay

Can the Green Deal Make European Agriculture Greener?

What are the foundations and goals of the European Green Deal? What impact will it have on agriculture and consumers? What are the obstacles to […]
30 May 2023

Should We Believe in Economic Impact Assessments?

How can we ensure, as rigorously as possible, that a public policy has the desired economic effects? Clément de Chaisemartin, a researcher in the Department of […]
13 December 2022

Unearthing the Roots of Inequality

Fighting against inequality requires questioning education systems, how they make it possible to remedy them, why they rarely succeed, or even aggravate them. This is […]
13 December 2022
Chinese Peasants, © 2003 -2022 Shutterstock

Reducing Rural Poverty in China

Low rural income, particularly in developing and emerging countries, is a persistent issue. To address this poverty effectively through public policies, however, we need to […]
12 June 2022

Welfare and Reciprocity: Should We (Really) Feed the Surfers?

Should society feed surfers? ‘Surfers’ are people who choose to stop contributing to social life through work in order to devote themselves to leisure activities. […]
10 June 2022

Higher Education Graduates’s Decreasing Returns to Experience

Every year in France, a new cohort of young people leaves the education system and enters the labour market. Available data show that wage growth […]
17 February 2022

Protect Global Value Chains

Smoother Sailing for World Trade The pandemic has highlighted the importance of global value chains, an organisation of production which relies on the integration of […]
12 February 2022

Linking Gender and Climate

Why look at the links between gender and climate? What are the links between gender systems and climate change in the policies of international development […]
8 July 2021

The Covid Debt Must Prepare the Future

The issue of the public debt incurred during the Covid pandemic divides public opinion, politicians, and even economists. The fear that its repayment will excessively […]