Lieutenant Colonel Charles Vaughan, Commandant Commando Depot, inspecting French troops during a parade to mark Bastille Day at Achnacarry in Scotland, 17 July 1943. Crédits : collections of the Imperial War Museums.
A new perspective on the Allied war effort during the Second World War
28 February 2017
Electoral sociology: renewed fundamentals
20 March 2017

Policies at the margin of cities

In 2016 Thomas Aguilera received three awards* for his thesis on public policies towards squats and slums.

He examines the ability (or inability) of public actors to govern squats and slums, which have been present in the Paris and Madrid regions since the 1960s. He highlights the fact that un-governability is a construct that public actors create to justify inaction and/or the establishment of exemption policies. He also shows that this type of governance is conducive to police and humanitarian emergency policies. Finally, he stresses that when civil society (artist collectives, activists) takes over these spaces, it obtains positive results in terms of re-socialization, and activates resolution and normalization policies, thereby proving that squat and slum policies can be institutionalized over the medium to long term.
Thomas is currently a lecturer in political science at Sciences Po Rennes, where he heads the Masters in “expertise of territorial public action”.
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*The award from Dalloz (a publisher), the Caritas Research Foundation award and the Special award for theses about cities.

Transcripts for the deaf and hearing impaired (pdf, 27 Ko)