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Sciences Po research units include over two hundred researchers who contribute to the production and dissemination of knowledge in Economics, History, Law, Political Science and Sociology.

In addition to these units, several cross-cutting programmes conduct researches

The Center for Socio-Political Data - CDSP

The CDSP provides documented and scientifically validated socio-political data for research by archiving, disseminating, and contributing to international survey programs. It also supports training in data collection and analysis.

The Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics - CEE

CEE’s projects combine basic and applied research, and focus on four main areas: a crosscutting approach to European studies; the inter-linkage between participation, democracy and government; election analyses: new paradigms and tools; the restructuring of the state and public action.

The Center for International Studies - CERI

The CERI analyses foreign societies, international relations, and political, social and economic phenomena across the world from a comparative and historical perspective.

The Center for Political Research - CEVIPOF

CEVIPOF research focuses on two main areas.  The first includes political attitudes, behaviour and parties; the second involves political thought and the history of ideas.

The Centre for History - CHSP

Research in history is organised into two cross-cutting focus areas (Political History and Archives and Digital History) and four themes: Sovereignty. States, Empires, International Relations / Government. Institutions, Knowledge, Norms / Experiences. Social Actors, Movements, & Groups / Humanities. Lives, Materialities, Representations. 

The Centre for Research on social InequalitieS (CRIS)

The CRIS is a broad-based, comparative research center in sociology. Researchers at the OSC investigate social dynamics in contemporary societies, particularly urban, school and gender inequalities, stratification and social mobility, and ethnoracial or social segregation.


The Centre for the Sociology of Organisations - CSO

The CSO works at the intersection of the sociology of organizations, sociology of public policy, and economic sociology.  Its five major research programmes address fundamental issues such as higher education and research, healthcare, sustainable development, the evolution of firms, and the transformation of the state.

The Department of Economics

Research in the Department of Economics contributes to the development of methodology and economic analysis. Its research focuses in particular on the labour market, international economics, political economy, microeconomics and development.

The Law School's Research Center

The Law School’s research focuses on globalization, legal cultures and the economics of law. In addition, a number of works address the theory and history of law, public and private international law and intellectual property.

The médialab

The médialab is a digital laboratory devoted to the study and exploitation of data generated by new information technologies, as well as the study of their means of production and circulation.


The OFCE is an independent body that produces forecasts, researches and evaluations of public policy. It covers most areas of economic analysis, from macroeconomics, growth, social protection systems, taxation and employment policy, to sustainable development, competition, innovation and regulation.

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