Jenny Andersson awarded

Jenny Andersson awarded

the prestigious CNRS bronze medal
  • Jenny AnderssonJenny Andersson

Jenny Andersson, a CNRS fellow and researcher at the Centre d’études européennes at Sciences Po, has been awarded the prestigious CNRS* Bronze Medal for her research.

CNRS Bronze Medal rewards the first work of a researcher, which makes him/her a talented specialist in his field. This award represents a CNRS encouragement to pursue well on track and already produced fruitful results.

Besides, Jenny Andersson, economic historian, is the principal investigator of the Futurepol project, funded by the European Research Council. The Futurepol project "Knowledge production and future governance in the post war period " aims to make a political history of the future.

In addition, Jenny Andersson continues to work on her core research interests ie. the history of social democracy and the political economy of the Welfare State.

February 2015

* CNRS : The "Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique" is the French National Center for Scientific Research

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