The interdisciplinary wind tunnel

The "interdisciplinary wind tunnel" gathers the particularly innovative and exploratory multi- and inter-disciplinary initiatives of the Sciences Po permanent faculty.

Supported by the Research division, these initiatives allow researchers who have followed scientific trajectories away from each other to exchange and compare their work and methods on a given subject in order to mutually enrich their approaches.

These "high-risk" initiatives give rise to exciting exchanges, sometimes leading to unprecedented collaborations.

They are currently seven in number. They are devoted to major social and/or scientific issues such as digital transition, environment, finance and society, law and economics, methods and data analysis, migration and diversity.

TransNum - Digital Transition

AIRE - The Interdisciplinary Workshop on Environmental Research

Finance & Society

Data Methods and Analysis Seminar

Law and Economics Policy Initiative

Migration and Diversity

The Center for History and Economics in Paris

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