Elites, Privilege and Excellence

Elites, Privilege and Excellence

The National and Global Redefinition of Educational Advantage
  • Harvard college graduates (Photo Zilinsky CC-BY-ND-2.0)Harvard college graduates (Photo Zilinsky CC-BY-ND-2.0)

Elites, Privilege and Excellence : The National and Global Redefinition of Educational Advantage

Routledge - World Yearbook of Education 2015 Series - February 2015

Edited by : Agnès van Zanten (Sciences Po, OSC), Stephen Ball (Institute of Education, University of London),
& Brigitte Darchy-Koechlin (Department of Research Development, French Ministry of  Higher Education and Research)

This book focuses on educational elites and inequality, particularly on the ways in which established and emergent groups located at the top of the social hierarchy and power structure reproduce, establish or redefine their position.

The volume is organized around three main issues:

  • analyzing the way in which parents, students and graduates in positions of social advantage use their assets and capitals in relation to educational strategies, and how these are different for old and new and cultural and economic elites;
  • studying how elite institutions have adapted their strategies to take into account changes in the social structure, in policy and in their institutional environment and exploring the impact of these strategies on educational systems at the national and global levels;
  • mapping the new global dynamics in elite education and how new forms of 'international education' and 'transnational cultural capital' as well as new global educational elite pathways shape elite students’ identities, status and trajectories.

Making use of a social and an institutional approach as well as a focus on practices and policies, the volume draws on research conducted on secondary schools and on higher education.
In addition, the global contributions within the book allow for a comparison and contrast of situations in different countries. This results in a comprehensive picture of common processes and national differences concerning advantage and excellence and a thorough examination of the impact of globalization on the strategies, identities and trajectories of elite groups and individuals alongside more general cultural and economic processes.

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