The Center for History and Economics in Paris

Created in 2019 and hosted by Sciences Po, the Center for History and Economics in Paris (CHEP) is a collaborative venture between the Joint Center for History and Economics of the universities of Harvard and Cambridge, and several research centers at Sciences Po, including the Centre d’Histoire de Sciences Po (CHSP) and the Centre de Sociologie des Organisations (CSO).

CHEP encourages historical research on all aspects of economic life, from a multidisciplinary and international perspective. Its main objective is to facilitate intellectual exchange between Cambridge, Harvard, Sciences Po and other research institutions. CHEP regularly convenes workshops and meetings on fundamental questions in the history of economic life, such as the use of new legal and digital sources by historians and economists, or the dialogue between economic history and history of the environment. CHEP also contributes to the international seminar on History & Economics, hosts prize fellows from the program Economics, History and Politics, and assists international visits by PhD students and researchers, especially between Cambridge, Harvard and Sciences Po.

The coordinators of CHEP are Claire Lemercier, research professor at CSO, and David Todd, senior lecturer at King’s College London and director of the Cambridge Centre for History and Economics. They organize CHEP’s activities in collaboration with Paul-André Rosental, university professor at CHSP, and Emma Rothschild, professor at Harvard and director of the Joint Center for History and Economics, and with the support of the other members of the Steering Committee

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