Dual Degree with Università Bocconi (Milan, Italy)

Dual Degree in Public Policy and Management

Sciences Po and the Università Bocconi in Milan have created a dual master's degree in Public Policy and Management. Please note: this is a dual degree with the Master in Public Policy only, not the Master in European Affairs.

This dual degree gives students the opportunity to benefit from the complementarity between the two institutions: students specialize in a social science and policy-related stream at Sciences Po and then develop the abilities needed to succeed in the private sector at Bocconi. This double training allows them to develop expertise in the public, private and non-profit sectors and to address complex issues that require this varied knowledge and skills.

Dual Degree in Politics and Public Policy

Sciences Po and the Università Bocconi in Milan have created a dual master's degree in Politics & Public Policy.

Through this two-year programme, students will have the opportunity to learn the key concepts of political theories and phenomena in a comparative perspective, as well as quantitative methods for theoretical and empirical analysis. The dual-degree also explores the intersection between public policy and cutting-edge technologies, and emphasizes policy and decision making 2.0.

Please note: this is a dual degree with both the Master in European Affairs and Master in Public Policy. For both programmes the language of instruction is English and includes the writing of a Master’s Thesis (which will be defended at Bocconi), and an internship of at least 10 weeks.

Contact us

For more information on the first year at Sciences Po, please contact the academic advisors of the School of Public Affairs.

For more information on the second year at Bocconi, please contact Paolo Modugno from the International Affairs Division (Tel: +33-(0)1 45 49 51 12).

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