Energy, Environment and Sustainability

General Objective

The policy stream "Energy, Environment and Sustainability" focuses on energy and resources policy as well as on the issue of sustainability in public policy, preparing the next generation of leaders in the field. Sustainability should not be divorced neither from business objectives nor from public objectives, and should not be treated as a subject of Corporate Social Responsibility or a secondary objective for public authorities. It should be at the core of any organization, considering the various challenges of our time: energy transition, climate change, resources security, developing new business models and public environment, etc. Developed in close consultation with major business firms and public institutions, the degree prepares students for careers in this rapidly-changing sector.

This policy stream prepares the next generation of interdisciplinary professionals to address the huge challenges of the energy transition, on a sustainable basis and with an adequate use of resources.

Students learn the essential knowledge and know-how they need to understand, analyse and manage the energy - environment - resources nexus. This program stands out for its unique multidisciplinary approach - necessary to tackle a sector undergoing rapid change with the energy transition - allowing students to understand, analyze, and act upon fundamental economic, legal, environmental and international trends in the sector.

This Master of the School of Public Affairs has a specific emphasis on policy and decision-making 2.0., which is particularly relevant for policy-making and market analysis, understanding and application of the innovation system or business management of sustainability. Challenges such as energy transition, resources exhaustion or environmental risks are addressed through new perspectives and approaches for the common good.

Specific features

  • Economics of Energy, Resources and Infrastructures
  • Geopolitics of Energy, Resources and Infrastructures
  • European Energy Regulation
  • Project Finance Management in Energy and Resources
  • European Energy Regulation
  • Economics of Environment
  • Environmental Policy and Law

Career opportunities

Graduates from this policy stream pursue careers in a variety of key regulatory bodies in the energy sector (government, independent administrative authorities, international and governmental organizations, public agencies). Others go on to important strategic positions requiring a deep understanding of public policies, energy, and the environment in major companies, consulting firms, think-tanks, NGOs or other professional organizations.

Programme 2016-2018

Please note: the name of the policy stream remains Energy, Resources and Development for students who joined the programme before September 2019.

Master Public Policy:

Master in European Affairs:

Scientific advisor

Sebastien Treyer, IDDRI Program Director, International Sustainable Development Negotiations.
Sébastien Treyer is a specialist of foresight and futures studies for public policies and sustainability transitions. He is in charge of the strategic programming of the activities of IDDRI, the Paris based think tank on international sustainable development negotiations.

Sophie Méritet, PhD, Affiliate Professor at Sciences Po, Assistant-Professor at Dauphine and researcher at Centre de Géopolitique de l'Energie et des Matières Premières (CGEMP).
Her research focuses mainly on the reorganisation of energy industries, energy policies and energy firms behaviours.


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