One-Year Master's Programmes

Tailor your education to your professional objectives

Our one-year Master’s programmes are intensive courses designed for young professionals who wish to quickly develop the expertise necessary to accelerate their careers.

The School of Public Affairs offers two one-year, full-time, Master’s programmes:

  • The Master in Public Affairs, taught in English, allows students to develop their management, communication and leadership skills as well as to deepen their understanding of public affairs. Students choose one of eleven policy streams offered by the School to enhance their proficiency in all areas of public affairs.
  • The Master en Arts Politiques is a unique course that proposes an innovative approach through the combination of arts, social sciences and politics.

Our courses are aimed at young professionals from the public and private sectors with an average of 5 years of professional experience who wish to deepen their expertise, acquire new knowledge and gain a fresh perspective on their profession.

Our courses are delivered by professionals - consultants, managers, researchers, etc. - experts in their field who provide valuable insight and advice to our students.

For more information

We invite you to explore our one-year Master’s programmes or to contact Laura Atran-Fresco, Program coordinator of the Master in Public Affairs or Florence Botello, Program coordinator of the Master en Arts Politiques.

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