Mind-mapping the European Green Deal

The European Green Deal is the European Union’s strategy to turn Europe into the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. The strategy comprises not only climate policies but addresses the transformation of many sectors and areas such as energy, buildings, industry or mobility. In a series of student contributions, we want to provide an easy accessible overview on the elements of the European Green Deal.

7 December 2022

Governance and monitoring

By Wai Kwan Tang and Emma Eiermann In order to ensure compliance of EU member states (in the following: MS) […]
28 November 2022

Sustainable Finance: A Brief Presentation

By Marianne Mignot Oliastri, Mathilde Poquillon, Ewald Waage Sustainable Finance: A Brief Presentation      The Green Deal, along with several […]
18 November 2022

Research & Innovation

By Sebastian Baciu, Cecile Legris, Allegra Semenzato At the EU level, all greenhouse gas emissions statistics point to the same […]
7 November 2022

Sustainable Mobility

By Titouan Coupry, Luca De Carolis, Christiana Kyriazi, Alexis Reymondon At the EU level, all greenhouse gas emissions statistics point […]
7 November 2022

Circular Economy

By Cécile Kao, Lina Laur, Justine Petit, Hugo Specht “World waste is to grow by 70 percent by 2050 and […]
20 October 2022

Sustainable Buildings

By Iris Lassus, Vittoria Pagliaro  Philippine Chevalier The transformation of the building sector has a fundamental role in the EGD, […]
13 October 2022

Energy Efficiency

By Rémi Jégu, Joshua Beuving, Jeanne Berenguier, Viktoria Nagy Energy Efficiency (EE) is an essential part of the European Green […]
4 October 2022

Renewable Energy Sources

By Mathilde Missoffe, Vojtěch Holík and Anna Emilie Wehrle Renewable Energy Sources (RES) are a vital part of the European […]
29 September 2022

Climate and Energy Policy

Manon Chenailler, Kristína Feiková and Mara Förster The European Green Deal outlines the EU’s ambition to reach net zero emissions […]
22 September 2022

European Green Deal: Green Deal: Objectives, implementation, challenges

By Maria Kipp, Tereza Fabulova, Juahna Da Mota The European Green Deal (EGD) is an ambitious policy initiative set by […]