The European Chair for Sustainable Development and Climate Transition

The Chair’s mission is to drive education, innovation, and public discourse in the development of sustainable policies and climate transition, both within Europe and globally. We are dedicated to addressing critical challenges such as decarbonization, climate change adaptation, implementing the energy transition, green finance and minimising environmental risks. Our ultimate goal is to support the European Green Deal’s ambitious objectives.

Our work centers on facilitating social and environmental transitions. We focus on analysing the content and governance of policies, partnerships, and actions needed to create transformative pathways for regions and cities. Our aim is to strike a balance between economic growth, social progress, and environmental protection.

We are committed to establishing a broad network of actors who will contribute to research, education, and discussions on important topics such as regional well-being, just transition, climate mitigation and adaptation, energy transition, and climate-resilient infrastructure. Our approach embraces various perspectives, including economic, sociological and technological, overcoming traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Hosted at the Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA) and the School of Public Affairs, the Chair is governed by two committees with the help of a team. The Chair is funded by: Hermès International, HSBC and the European Investment Bank (EIB). Find out more about the Chair’s Sponsors.