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Explore the latest academic publications and book chapters from the European Chair of Sustainable Development and Climate Transition.

Academic publications

Is Decarbonization Priced In? – Evidence on the Carbon Risk Hypothesis from the European Green Deal Leakage Shock

Lukas Mueller, Marc Ringel and Dirk Schiereck
November 2023
International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance

Regulatory Carbon Risk; Evidence from the 2022 Reform of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme

Lukas Mueller, Marc Ringel and Dirk Schiereck
Publications of Darmstadt Technical University

Analyzing the Role of Banks in Providing Green Finance for Retail Customers: The Case of Germany

Marc Ringel and Saranda Mjekic
June 2023
Sustainability (Basel, Switzerland), 2023-05, Vol.15 (11), p.8745

Strategic energy and climate policy planning: Lessons learned from European energy efficiency policies

Marina Economidou, Marc Ringel, Michaela Valentova, Luca Castellazzi, Paolo Zancanella, Paolo Zangheri, Tiago Serrenho, Daniele Paci, Paolo Bertoldi
October 2022
Energy Policy, Volume 171

Book chapters

Focus ‘Les politiques climatiques, une solution à la crise énergétique en Europe’, in: Un Monde en crises (FR)

Marc Ringel in Eberhard Kienle, Carola Klöck, Adrien Estève & Alain Dieckhoff (dir.)
September 2023