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9 January 2024

COP28 & sustainable food systems: on the agenda now, on the table soon?

By Harriet Klepper, delegate at the COP28 for Young European Leadership (YEL). Food is not only an integral part of […]
5 January 2024

How to address the Externalities of the EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism in Serbia

By Elisabeth Friedrich This essay is the First Prize winner of the Fall 2023 Chair’s Essay Competition on the topic […]
13 September 2023

The ESCO Market in Italy and Germany; Overview and Areas of Improvement

By Melani Skenderi For the last decades in Europe, energy services and ESCOs have been considered cost-effective, market-based solutions to […]
13 September 2023

Non-Monetary Biases in Energy Efficiency Investments: A Review of Empirical Findings

By Giulio Nicoletti Energy efficiency is a crucial element of the European Green Deal and the European decarbonisation objectives. (Delivering […]
13 September 2023

How to tackle energy efficiency in transport?

By Ximena Bénard-Tertrais The global transport sector consumes about a quarter of the world’s energy. In the European Union (EU), […]
13 September 2023

Underlining framework to support competitiveness in industry via energy efficiency: Highlighting India’s Performance, Achieve, Trade (PAT) scheme 

By Su Min Park Energy efficiency in the industry sector can bring substantial benefits on top of energy cost savings […]
13 September 2023

Increasing the commercial viability of district heating systems

By Markus Bencsits District heating (DH) and district heating systems (DHSs) are widely considered as an effective way to reduce […]
13 September 2023

Charging Ahead: Exploring the dynamics between Energy Efficiency and Resource Efficiency in the Electrification Transition

By Femke Bosch Key words: Energy Efficiency, Resource Efficiency, Electrification, Electric Vehicle, Lifecycle Thinking, Battery Recycling Introduction  It is possible […]
12 September 2023

How are high tax reductions (tax relief) justified by the public benefits of private energy efficiency investment?

By Marie Poff  I. Introduction Industry plays a vital role in supporting European economic prosperity. The sector, including steel and […]
12 September 2023

Price formation in European White Certificate markets: Theoretical and Empirical Insights from Italy, France, and the UK 

By Emma Schwentner In the face of climate change and the energy transition, energy efficiency has become a crucial goal […]