Blog Contributions

23 April 2024

Blog: The Role of Start-Ups in the Green Transition

Reflections on the role of start-ups in the digital and green transition, inspired by the OECD workshop ‘Start-ups and scale-ups […]
18 December 2023

COP28 & the future of fossil fuels: A historic agreement and hopes ahead.

By Valeria de los Casares, Research Assistant for the European Chair for Sustainable Development and Climate Transition Introduction – Expectations […]
6 October 2023

Blog: The challenge of financing nature-based solutions in Europe

Since the 2010s, nature-based solutions (NBS) have been rising in the agendas of policymakers as tools to simultaneously advance economic, […]
19 September 2023

Blog contribution: Why care about the governance structure for implementing renewable hydrogen in Germany – and elsewhere?

About the author: Felix Schulz is a PhD Candidate in Political Science at TU Darmstadt since 2020. He has a […]
19 April 2023

Blog contribution: How islands can contribute to a better understanding of adaptation finance allocation

Author: Clara Bartram Gurresø There is a wide consensus within climate justice that the most vulnerable must receive support for […]
5 April 2023

Blog contribution: ‘Time to Stop our Global Financial and Food Systems from Impoverishing the World’s Smallholder Food Producers’

Co-Authors:– Chris Hegadorn is Adjunct Professor of Food Politics at Sciences Po University Paris and former Executive Secretary of the […]
20 February 2023

External contribution: Solving biodiversity challenges

By Christine Rodwell, Camille Gelb and Orens Gasset The importance of fighting climate change is gradually being understood and integrated […]
7 December 2022

EU work programme: What’s on for sustainable development and climate transition?

By Marc Ringel As part of its better regulation requirements, the European Commission regularly publishes and updates its work programme, […]
29 September 2022

European Sustainable Energy Week: Clean energy for Europe’s climate transition

By Marc Ringel With almost 80% of European greenhouse gas emissions being related to energy production and use [1], the […]
3 May 2022

On the Spotlight: Investor-State Dispute Settlement Mechanisms and Climate Transition

By Alejandra Guraieb The latest IPCC Report highlights a crucial obstacle to global climate transition: investor-state dispute settlement. “Despite improvements […]