How to instrumentalize ESGto achieve sustainabledevelopment?
16 January 2023
The Chair is now collaborating with UNESCO Green Citizens!
2 February 2023

Fall 2022 Essay competition winners go to Luxembourg

Can environmental, social and governance investing (ESG) contribute to financing sustainable development? This is the question Sciences Po students had to answer during the first ever essay competition organised by Sciences Po’s European Chair for sustainable development and climate transition.

The winners, accompanied by Chairholder, Dr Marc Ringel, were invited to Luxembourg to the European Investment Bank, the EU’s climate bank, for a discussion with EIB Group staff both on the lending and the financing sides.

Anna Emilie Wehrle and Marin Pitavy shared the first prize for their essays suggesting ideas on how ESG ratings’ current shortcomings could be addressed to make finance markets greener in the long run. Anna Emilie Wehrle’s essay asked “Has ESG Investing a future as a contributor to financing sustainable development?” and Marin Pitavy wrote about “ESG Investing: a stronger framework for a better effect”.

Kitti Fodor won the third prize for her essay entitled “How to instrumentalize ESG to achieve sustainable development?”.

The winning contributions have been published on the Chair’s student activity blog.

Every semester, the Chair is hosting a competition or challenge on a different topic. The competition is open to all students of Sciences Po’s Paris School of International Affairs and Ecole Affaires Publiques. This year, the Chair wanted students to familiarize with the topic of Green financing.

The European Investment Bank is one of the three sponsors of the  European Chair for Sustainable Development and Climate Transition at Sciences Po in Paris. Through the EIB Institute, it aims to support academic research and share expertise to enrich knowledge building and knowledge dissemination on climate related issues.

Photo: Anna Emilie Wehrle, Marc Ringel, Kitti Fodor and Marin Pitavy,