Sciences Po’s Gender Studies Programme, [in French: Programme de recherche et d’enseignement des savoirs sur le genre] is a cross-cutting research and educational programme initiating a multi-disciplinary approach to gender studies. It aims to embrace and address complexity that characterises gender issues through the production, discussion, and dissemination of scientific knowledge.


In 2010, two French Economic Observatory economists, Françoise Milewski and Hélène Périvier, came together to establish the first cross-cutting programme in Sciences Po focused on gender. Upon its inception, the research and teaching programme had two main lines of action: setting up an actual comprehensive field of study dedicated to gender through the lens of social science, and organising a diverse range of courses on gender studies at the undergraduate, graduate, and PhD levels. With dedication, accompanied by colleagues, they created a strong cross-cutting gender studies programme providing a robust academic framework for understanding and analysing gender dynamics, open to all controversies and engaging in critical dialogue.

Blending Research and Teaching

Research and teaching go hand-in-hand at Sciences Po. Research drives the production of new knowledge, which enriches teaching materials; on the other hand, teaching provides researchers with a platform to disseminate their latest findings and nurturing new ideas, ultimately fueling further research. At Sciences Po, gender studies are primarily taught through the lens of the humanities and social sciences. Teaching in this area combines theoretical, empirical and applied approaches.

Expanding Perspectives with Interdisciplinary Approaches

Interdisciplinary approaches play a crucial role in research and teaching. By bringing together diverse perspectives, methodologies, and knowledge from multiple disciplines, interdisciplinary approaches enable researchers tackle complex issues beyond a single disciplinary framework, thereby addressing the needs and concerns of society in a comprehensive manner.

Disseminating Knowledge

The dissemination of knowledge and research findings through events, conferences and symposiums open to a wide audience holds importance. Sciences Po’s Gender Studies Programme makes sure to regularly convene spaces for dialogue. It also produces a podcast (FR) spotlighting recent research.

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