PhD in sociology, LIEPP/CSO (thesis financed by LIEPP and defended in March 2021)

Politiques de santé

Bio :

Anne Moyal has a PhD in sociology. She was a doctoral fellow at LIEPP/CSO from 2015 to 2018 and she defended her thesis "Maisons de santé et réforme des soins primaires en France : Quelles transformations des pratiques des professionnels de santé libéraux ?" under the supervision of Henri Bergeron in March 2021. 

After graduating from Sciences Po, Anne did another master in sociology at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) where she studied the interaction between patients and hospital healthcare professionals.

She then had a three-year professional experience in a consulting agency specializing in the organization of the French healthcare system (Acsantis) before returning to research.

She is now preparing a thesis under the supervision of Henri Bergeron about the reorganization of primary care in France and studying more precisely one iconic instrument: the “maisons de santé pluri-professionnelles” – multi professional healthcare centers, which gather private healthcare professionals. The objective is to understand how this public policy is accepted among private healthcare professionals and to what extend it changes their day-to-day practice. In her work, she also analyzes the role of the different actors involved in this reorganization: primary care professionals but also public authorities, local governments, professional associations, and new private actors such as consultants. 

Poster of the project - May 2020

Media coverage : 

How Primary Care can solve today's health care challenges, Accidental european, March 31th, 2020.

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