Reception and Judgement of Socio Fiscal and Symbolic Policies

Project Director :

Nicolas SAUGER, Associate Professor at Sciences Po (CEE) et director of the CDSP

Research Team :

  • Abel FRANCOIS, University of Strasbourg
  • Bruno PALIER, Sciences Po (CEE and LIEPP)
  • Emiliano GROSSMAN, Associate Professor Sciences Po (CEE), Co-director of the Evaluation of Democracy research group 
  • Florence FAUCHER, Sciences Po (CEE and LIEPP)
  • Jan ROVNY, Assistant Professor Sciences Po (CEE and LIEPP) 
  • Laurie BOUSSAGUET Sciences Po (CEE)
  • Nathalie MOREL, Assistant professor Sciences Po (LIEPP and CEE), Co-director of the Socio-fiscal policies research group)
  • Nonna MAYER, Political Scientist, Sociologist at Sciences Po
  • Vincent TIBERJ, Sciences Po (CEE)
  • Virginie VAN INGELGOM, Université Catholoque de Louvain

This project obtained funding from LIEPP through the 2016 call for proposals.

Description of the projet : 

This project is part of a survey program which will be conducted around the next french elections in 2017. It is designed to take this opportunity to study the reception, the jugement, and the impacts of electoral decisions in public policy sectors. This project thus lies on the development of three main indicators of the socioprofessional position of respondents and their judgement on the evolution of labor law, on their experiences and their opinions on sociofiscal policies, on their practices and on their representations of national union. 

Publications : 

Emiliano GROSSMAN, Nicolas SAUGER. (2019). Economic Internationalization and the decline of the left-right dimension. Party Politics, 25 (1), pp. 36-49

Nonna MAYER, Bruno PALIER, Jan ROVNY. (2019). The losers of automation: a reservoir of vote for the radical right?. Research Politics, 6 (1)   

Abdelkarim AMENGAY, Anja DUROVIC, Nonna MAYER. (2017). L'impact du genre sur le vote Marine Le Pen. Revue Française de Science Politique, 67 (6), pp. 1067-1087  

Florent GOUGOU, Nicolas SAUGER. The 2017 French Election Study (FES 2017): a post electoral cross-sectional survey. French Politics 15, n°3, pp. 360-70

Florent GOUGOU, Vicent TIBERJ. (2017). La déconnexion électorale: un état des lieux de la démocratie française. Paris : Fondation Jean Jaurès   


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