Educational Policies Research Group

The Educational Policies Research Group aims to enrich the understanding of crucial and current educational issues, and to explain the choices of decision-makers and actors. It includes a series of research studies that evaluates educational policies by focusing this analysis on students' educational backgrounds and experiences, on the professional and family careers of teachers, and on the functioning of public and private agencies involved in school education.This research crosses the theoretical approaches and survey tools of economists and sociologists. It is also conducted at different levels (national, regional) on various statistical and qualitative data.

The work of the research group is organized in two lines. The first focuses on the ex-ante phase of the implementation of public policies, since it is important, before reforming, to identify the issues and mechanisms at work. The second group of projects studies ex post phase, the way in which actors have seized different policies and devices, an essential step to judge their results.


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Publications of the Research Group:

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