"Active orientation" towards higher education : policies and mechanisms

Research team:

Agnès van Zanten (OSC-LIEPP),

Sylvie Da Costa (chargée de recherches, OSC-LIEPP),

Julia Lindbom (chargée de recherches OSC-LIEPP et responsable du service Jeunes diplômés-Sciences Po Avenir),

Alice Olivier (doctorante à l’OSC sous la direction d’Agnès van Zanten),

Anne-Claudine Oller (maître de conférences, Université Paris Est Créteil)

This research project proposes an analysis of policies and provision relevant to “active orientation” in the form of three broad subjects:

  • The degree of autonomy of French policies with respect to proactive decisions of the European Commission concerning its orientation;
  • The modifications that these policies and provisions are susceptible to introducing in the network of actors participating in their elaboration and implementation;
  • The way in which these policies and actions influence the representation of studies and institutions of higher education, as well as the choice of the orientation of youth.

In this researh framework, LIEPP has published a Working Paper on the role of education fairs in the access to higher education:

Agnès VAN ZANTEN, Amélia LEGAVRE, "Engineering access to higher education through higher education fairs", LIEPP Working Paper n° 22, April 2014


To learn more, click on the picture below (pdf in French):
L'orientation des lycéens vers l'enseignement supérieur
, June 2016
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