Respecting and promoting gender equality

Sciences Po is committed to promoting real equality between women and men among all sections of the university community. Sciences Po President Frédéric Mion is one of 10 university presidents worldwide working to advance gender equality as a United Nations HeForShe Impact Champion.

Courses on gender

The Programme for Research and Education on Gender (PRESAGE) is instrumental in making reflection on gender issues a part of all the institution’s activities. Gender is addressed as a cross-cutting issue in the courses taught at Sciences Po, and several courses are specifically focused on gender equality.

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Adapting your teaching

The teaching approach used in class must be geared towards ensuring gender equality and respect between both male and female students and between faculty and students.

10 recommendations (PDF, 101 Ko) have been developed to help you.

Promoting gender equality through career guidance

Even today, women students continue to opt for lower-paying sectors or jobs despite being just as talented as our male students—sometimes more so (see the graduate employability survey). Faculty members have an active role to play in combating gender stereotypes affecting career choices among their students.


Contact the gender equality advisor, Amy Greene.

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