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Sciences Po  is an international research university, both selective and open onto the world, was ranked 1st in France within the field of social sciences (Times Higher Education, 2018) and 2nd worldwide for Politics and International Studies (QS ranking, 2021).

Sciences Po’s seven schools welcome graduate students from all over the world. Our graduate programmes provide students with both an in-depth academic background in the social sciences and hands-on experience of the professional field they aim to work in.

Sciences Po has been awarded the "Bienvenue en France" label by Campus France with the highest level of recognition. The label recognises the actions undertaken by the university concerning hospitality and support for international students.

A few words from Patrick le Galès, Dean of the Urban School

Patrick Le Galès, Dean of the Urban School ©Caroline Maufroid / Sciences PoStart with the city, transform the world. This is the mission of the Sciences Po Urban School, which trains specialists in the development of public policies and private strategies in the field of urban and territorial management locally, nationally and internationally.

Our students come from varied academic backgrounds (social sciences, engineering, architecture etc) and receive high-level academic training in urban governance and public territorial action.

Professional skills are at the core of our courses, which are taught by the most innovative practitioners in their fields and include regular opportunities for team projects and field trips.

Our graduates are as well-equipped for work in the private as the public or non-profit sectors, becoming innovators, strategists, designers, or managers.

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Diplôme conférant grade de master controlé par l'étatThe Master's Programmes

The Urban School’s Master’s programmes prepare students and professionals for urban governance in all its forms.

Urban Planning Programme

The programme trains professionals in urban project management, from design to implementation: urban and regional planners, land-use planners, real estate developers and managers, local government administrators.

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Master in Regional and Urban Strategy

The Master in Regional and Urban Strategy prepares students for strategic and operational positions in urban and regional policy and planning. Graduates go on become managers working across geographical scales with diverse stakeholders (both public and private) and a wide range of technical tools.

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Master Governing the Large Metropolis

The programme aims to produces young professionals who will take charge of public policy design and implementation in the governance of large cities in the future. Graduates learn to deal with the most challenging issues of urbanisation: water, electricity, mobility infrastructures, health and social services, etc.

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Master Governing Ecological Transitions in European Cities

The programme prepares students to manage current and future transitions through advanced training in urban environmental challenges and urban governance in European cities.

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Dual Degrees

The Urban School offers two dual Master's programmes in partnership with world-renowned universities.

Urban Policy, LSE (UK)

A programme run jointly by Sciences Po and the London School of Economics (LSE, UK). Students study regional and urban governance from both a European and an international perspective.

Learn more about the dual degrees Urban Policy.

Comparative Urban Governance, Colmex (Mexico)

This dual degree is offered in partnership with El Colegio de México’s Centro de Estudios Demográficos, Urbanos e Ambientales (CEDUA). It trains students in strategic professions relating to urban governance and provides advanced theoretical grounding from which to pursue a research specialisation.

> Learn more about the dual degrees Comparative Urban Governance.

Global and Comparative Urban Planning and Governance, UCLA (USA)

This dual degree draws on political economy, the political sociology of urban policies and their implementation, emphasizing political protest and participation.

> Learn more about the dual degrees Global and Comparative Urban Planning and Governance.

Management of International and Public Affairs, Bocconi (Italy)

combines the study of economics and management with the social sciences, while also offering courses with a strong professional focus.

> Learn more about the dual degrees Management of International and Public Affairs.

Academic rigour: training in the field

Degrees taught at the Urban School make gaining real-world practical experience a priority (capstone projects, etc). Students learn to work collaboratively and enjoy an intensive study experience.

The School's strong research focus ensures a constant exchange between theory and practice. Students are taught to apply academic rigour and adopt a critical perspective on all issues.

La Ruhr ©Simon Mougin

A comparative approach

All courses at the Urban School take a comparative approach. This gives students an analytical framework and a set of useful benchmarks for use in a rapidly changing environment. It also instils in them the habit of thinking on a global scale. Study trips play a key role in this approach and include: the Regional and Urban Strategy Master’s study trips, the Governing the Large Metropolis Master's study trip, the Urban Planning programme study trip.

Our programmes use the social sciences (political science, sociology and economics, supplemented by history, geography and law) to provide an understanding of urban models from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Where do our alumni work?

The Urban School trains experts able to transform the world by transforming the urban environment. They go on to become urban and regional policy makers working in the public, private and non-profit sectors both locally and internationally.

Discover the diversity of career paths.

Career opportunities by sector

  • 45% Urban planning - Housing - Architecture
  • 17% Audit - Consulting
  • 13% Public administration
  • 5% Other
  • 4% Environment - CSR
  • 3% NGOs - non-profit sector
  • 3% International organisations
  • 3% Education - Research - Think Tanks
  • 2% Industry - Energy - Transport
  • 2% Technology - Data - IT
  • 2% Banking - Finance - Insurance
  • 1% Press - Media - Publication

Job opportunities by profession

Director of a ministerial office - Director of an urban planning and development agency - Research and planning officer - ESS officer - Urban affairs and development manager - Real estate transactions officer - Real estate development manager - Parliamentary or municipal assistant - Public finances consultant - Sustainable development consultant - Design engineer - Director of housing - Communication and cooperation manager - Marketing and development manager - Smart city business development manager - International development manager -Transport and mobility - Design and planning project manager

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