Our commissioning organisations

Commissioning organisations: partners in a unique educational experience

Practical experience plays a pivotal role in the Urban School's Master's programmes. The projects that punctuate the programme require students to organise as a group to respond to a partner's commission in real-world conditions. They prepare students for the constraints of professional practice, teach them to work as a team, and provide a constantly intense student experience.

For the commissioning organisations, it is a way to participate directly in acquainting future graduates with reality. Partnerships are open to all types of public and private organisations and can take many forms:

  • Proposing a group project to students in the Urban and Regional Policies and Strategies programme. Starting in first year, students work for a "real" client for one and a half days a week over 5-9 months, on a strategic issue for the company or institution.
  • Proposing a capstone project for students in the Governing the Large Metropolis programme: for students aiming for careers in the governance of the world's major cities, the capstone project is an opportunity to conduct field research in response to a client's problem.
  • Working in real-world conditions with students in the Urban Planning Programme. Students in this programme, which trains real estate, land use and urban planning specialists, work for several months on projects for clients, including working groups, urban planning or development projects (urban project management) or topical research on the city.
  • Supporting the professionals in the Executive Master of Metropolitan Governance by tutoring a "metroproject". This training experience in group project management is supervised by a tutor who is an expert in the field.

Diverse commissioning organisations

  • Action Logement
  • Agence d’architecture François Leclerc 
  • Agence Française de Développement (AFD) 
  • Altarea Cogedim 
  • CDC Institut pour la Recherche 
  • CGET / Action Cœur De Ville 
  • CODAH 
  • Commission Européenne, DG Régio 
  • Communauté urbaine Grand Paris Seine & Oise 
  • DGALN 
  • EDF R&D 
  • EPA Saclay 
  • EPA Sénart 
  • EPT Grand Orly Seine de Bievre 
  • France Urbaine
  • Ministère de la Santé et des Solidarités 
  • Paris Batignolles Aménagement 
  • Paris Habitat 
  • Plaine Commune 
  • RATP 
  • RTE 
  • Sciences Po 
  • SEM Paris Sud Aménagement

Previous sponsors (PDF in French, 263 Ko)

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