Students' duty added to the collection of a library

Students' duty added to the collection of a library

  • Medellin, Caracas et Rio de Janeiro © PixabayMedellin, Caracas et Rio de Janeiro © Pixabay

Anne Kathrine Bersh, Ángela María Jiménez Avilés and Melissa Vergara, 3 former students of the Master in Regional and Urban Strategy (promotion 2016), realized the duty of research "The transport by cable: a solution in terms of mobility and a way of social and urban inclusion in the Latin American cities? Resemblances and differences between Medellín, Caracas and Rio de Janeiro cities" within the framework of the Master's degree.

This one was added to the digital collections of the library Luis Angel Arango, most important library of Colombia. Bravo to them!

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Summary: the Latin American cities knew a population boom since the second half of the XXth century. The result in the space is the growth of the urban spot and the increase of the split between formal and informal city. The population marginalized, placed in zones at high risk is taken away from the active zones economically and present lacks of public services as the electricity, the purification and the transport. To reduce this split, the cities of Medellín (Colombia), Caracas (Venezuela) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) set up transport by cable to attack the problem since an optics of transport. The objective of this article is to show, since the logic of the actors, the difference of every case and the construction of the problem for every city and their urban articulation near the infrastructures of transport.

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