Group project for Avise: "Support in the entrepreneurship"

Group project for Avise: "Support in the entrepreneurship"

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  • Rendu du projet © Groupe de projetRendu du projet © Groupe de projet

A group of students presented its group project, on June 6th, to his commissioning organisation Avise. The subject to be explored was: "increase the cooperations between ecosystems of support in the emergence and the entrepreneurship of the classic economy and the ESS to strengthen their impacts on their territory."

At the request of AVISE, a study was realized by Hélia Chevrant-Breton, Lily Colombet, Florian Laboulais, Auriane Lamy and Margaux Roche, 5 students of the Master's degree Regional and urban strategy. It aims at estimating to what extent joints increased between ecosystems of support in the 9entrepreneurship of the Social and Supportive Economy (ESS) and those of the classic economy can allow these ecosystems to strengthen mutually to have a real leverage on territories. It leans on a comparison between three territories: Franche-Comté, metropolis of Lyon and districts policy of the city of Seine-Saint-Denis.

This study leans mainly on semi-directive interviews realized with actors involved in the support in the emergence and the entrepreneurship, as well as on a magazine of literature on the subject. The project puts forward specificities and complementarities of both ecosystems and importance to strengthen collaborations between them to meet the needs more effectively of their territory. The study develops a number of keys of success and examples illustrating the diversity of the forms that these cooperations can set; of the interknowledge favored by one-off events to the grouping of actors within partnerships9 allowing to share practices and evaluate. These collaborations allow the training of more complete, richer local offers and thus better same to answer the stakes in the support in the entrepreneurship. 

The entire study will soon be published by Avise.

What is a group project?

Called also capstone or workgroup, this highlight of Master's degrees Regional and Urban StrategyGoverning the Large Metropolis and the Urban Planning Programme, puts the students in professional situation. These have to answer to an order of a private or public structure on an urban or territorial problem (housing environment, planning, economic development, transport, mobility, etc.).

During 5 to 9 months (according to the course), every team from 4 to 5 students works under the supervision of a tutor, a specialist of the handled question. The project ends in an oral presentation of the students to the commissioning organisation. This period of renditions takes place of the end of May to the middle of June.

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