First working paper for the Cities and digital technology chair!

First working paper for the Cities and digital technology chair!

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The first working paper of the Cities and digital technology chair, which will celebrate soon it first year of existence, has just been published.

The paper was written by Bruno Carballa Smichowski, PhD student in economy, and its called "The value of data : An analysis of closed-urban-data-based and open-data-based business models"(En, PDF- 414 Ko).

The aim of this article is to shed some light on what makes data valuable and analyze the business models that are based on urban data and on open data. The article is structured as follows.

  • Section 1 shows what makes data valuable, namely size, quality and scope. After pointing out that a property regime for data does not exist, 
  • Section 2 explains the two main legal strategies that firms employ to appropriate data in order to build business models around it: intellectual-property-based strategies (copyright, patents and sui generis database right) and the terms of use and trade secret combo. 
  • Section 3 defines closed-urban-data-based business models and studies them by focusing on how data is obtained, how value is created for the end user from it, and how value is captured. Four types of these business models are distinguished: aggregated-data-based services providers, individual-data-based service providers, trust- based algorithmic coordination platforms and transactional intermediaries. 
  • Section 4 focuses on the business models that build on open data to create value and distinguishes five families: government open data, for-profit private firm standalone open data, nonprofit standalone open data, multi-stakeholder data pooling and common-based open data crowdsourcing.
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