Capstone Project - Master Governing the Large Metropolis

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A capstone is a project commissioned by a private or public organization. The capstone outputs are designed to provide key expertise in the management of urban problems and local governance of large metropolis. A capstone is based on an original applied research, through global urban comparisons, or evidence-based conceptualization, or the mobilization of new data for a case study, or an impact study, or a prospective study, or the organisation of a conference, of a training project, and so on.


Through a strong commitment in their capstone, students improve their knowledge on policy design and implementation. They also acquire fundamental professional skills related to:

  • Project management 
  • Contents negotiation and project reframing 
  • Public speech and effective presentation 
  • Time management 
  • Team work 
  • Archive organisation and documents classification 
  • Budgeting and project accountability 

Students are encouraged to assess their skills improvement all along the capstone. Specific training may be organised on precise techniques (camera use, in-design software, advanced mapping,…).


Students work by team of five with a professional tutor for five months, at the rate of:

  • 1.5 days a week from mid-January to April
  • full time from May to mid-June

It is granted with 6 ECTS credits. Some capstone projects may require a fieldwork abroad.


Each students team is organised by roles. Students cooperate in every capstone activity, but each of them is in charge of a specific task.

  • Coordinator 
  • Treasurer 
  • Communication Officer 
  • Mediator 

Students from different capstone teams meet regularly for improving their knowledge related to their specific role.

Professional Orientation

Students choose a capstone project on the basis of their vocational project. They are invited to specialise on a region as well as on a policy sector. They have to make an explicit link between the capstone, the cluster of specialisation in the third semester and their plan for an internship in the fourth semester. The capstone is one of the building block in the process of vocational choice and orientation toward the labour market.

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