Executive Master of Regional Governance and Urban Development

Training professionals to meet regional challenges


The Executive Master of Regional Governance and Urban Development is a degree programme designed for professionals seeking to acquire a forward-looking, operational approach to the challenges of metropolisation. The course provides the tools and knowledge required to analyse contemporary urban development, try out and adopt new forms of action and deal with changing contexts.


A multidisciplinary approach

The programme is structured into 12 modules led by scholars and practitioners in key positions of metropolitan governance. With a strong European and international perspective, the programme offers a cross-cutting vision of metropolitan governance. This deliberately multidisciplinary approach, involving political science, economics, geography, urban planning, and the sociology of organisations, develops analytical skills and facilitates decision-making.

An original teaching method

Drawing on the social sciences and with a firm footing in the practical reality of the sector, the pedagogical approach actively engages professionals on full-scale projects and provides the analytical keys to meeting the new challenges of urban governance. The group project or "metroproject" methodology, with support from an expert tutor, effectively prepares participants for urban change management. The metroproject allows students to benefit from training in the field guided by a specialist in the subject concerned, and to build on the knowledge acquired in the classroom. A study trip also ensures students can observe a metropolitan situation in the field.

Career opportunities

The programme is designed for:

  • executives and managers from the public sector, regional authorities or the mixed economy who work in housing, transport, planning, economic development, digital development, etc.
  • executives and managers of companies involved in urban and regional processes or working in relation with cities/regions
  • elected representatives/politicians or their staff
  • French-speaking international consultants or executives working in their home countries

This one-year programme provides participants with the key analytical tools to advance within their organisation or to reposition themselves on metropolitan issues as part of a change in career path.

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