The Urban School Library

The Urban School Library

  • Urban School Library ©Sciences PoUrban School Library ©Sciences Po

The Urban School Library will open on the 29 of August. 

This library offers around 2 000 books (mainly in French at this stage) and 15 reviews related to the urban field. 

It is dedicated to Urban School students and is complementary to Sciences Po general library. The room counts 12 seats reserved for consultation.

The library is located on 117 boulevard Saint-Germain Paris 6, 4th floor. Please find below the opening hours: 

  • Tuesday - Wednesday : 9 am / 2 pm
  • Thursday - Friday : 1 pm / 6 pm

The online catalogue is available by clicking here.

You will find attached the borrowing procedure and some advice to consult the online catalogue.

For further information, kindly contact Coralie Duhen Meyer, in charge of the library.

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