The Michel David-Weill Scholarship allocated to one of our future student

The Michel David-Weill Scholarship allocated to one of our future student

  • Brittany Ebeling © Christian Alonzo - alonzofotographyBrittany Ebeling © Christian Alonzo - alonzofotography

Brittany Ebeling, a University of Notre Dame senior and future student of our Master's degree Governing the Large Metropolis, has been named the 2018 Michel David-Weill Laureate.

The Michel David-Weill Scholarship is a very selective program. The University of Notre Dame is one of 30 institutions that competes for the award. Each institution nominates a single student. A winner is selected from a small group of finalists after interviews with a selection committee in New York City. Valued at $80,000, the scholarship is awarded each year to one American who exemplifies the core values of Sciences Po alumnus Michel David-Weill, namely, academic excellence, leadership, multiculturalism, tolerance and high achievement. It will allow her to pursue a fully funded two-year master's degree program at Sciences Po.

Sciences Po professor Richard Balme, a member of the selection committee, said of Brittany Ebeling, "She was well prepared, strongly motivated and able to reach out to many dimensions with her project. She convincingly argued the relevance of studying the city of Paris' politics and policies through a global and innovative perspective."

"Receiving this scholarship is not only an incredible honor, but also tasks me with the fulfillment of those goals which I expressed during my interview: working toward more inclusive local economies, promulgating co-housing and co-living models and investing in sustainable city structures. Modes of urban life which have reinforced inequality are, I believe, untenable, and I am deeply grateful to be given an opportunity to study and work toward a more equitable alternative" Brittany said. 

Specialised in international economics with a concentration in French and a supplementary major in peace studies, Brittany Ebeling will pursue a degree in our Master's degree Governing the Large Metropolis on September 2018.

Congratulations to her! 

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