2017 GLM Capstone Projects

  • Port Elizabeth harbor, South Africa ©nektofadeev / ShutterstockPort Elizabeth harbor, South Africa ©nektofadeev / Shutterstock

The Capstone is defined as a client-oriented group research project, based on original field research which generates a deliverable product. This product is graded according to norms of academic quality.

During the second semester of the GLM programme, students are required to work in small groups, advised by a specialist, in order to conduct a high quality research project on a given urban policy question for a public or private organization. 

2017 GLM Capstone Projects

  • 100 Resilient Cities: Building Inclusive and Resilient Cities Facing the Challenges of Metropolitan Governance
  • Aéroport de Paris - Atelier Aéroport du Futur: The Airport of the Future/ The Future of Airport The Airport of the Future/ The Future of Airport
  • Aéroport de Paris - DGDP: Impact of New Mobility Technologies on Commuting to Paris Airports 
  • Aéroport de Paris Hubstart: Airport Areas: From Functionality to Urbanity 
  • Atelier parisien d'urbanisme (APUR): Paris-London: One Single Metropolis?
  • AREP: New Governance Modes for Urban Projects. Urban Transformation and Smart City in Bahrain
  • Bouygues Construction: Frugal Innovation & Metropolitan Development
  • City of Byblos: Byblos: Mitigating Urban Sprawl in a Speculative/Rentier Economy - Towards a Resilient Cultured and Wealthy City
  • Crois/Sens.org: Smart Citizens, University Campus & Innovative Metropolis 
  • Culture et développement: Supporting the Forum “Culture and Mobility”
  • Development Bank of Latin America (CAF): Supporting the 2018 World Water Forum in Brasilia
  • Evangelischer Kirchenkreis Berlin Nord-Ost: Refugees in Large Metropolis: Sharing Welcome and Innovations
  • OECD: Port Cities in Eastern Africa 
  • Association « Agir Solidairement pour le Quartier Popincourt » (ASQP): Shopkeepers, Urban Redevelopment and the Social Economy
  • Société du Grand Paris: Comparing Metropolitan Projects in London, Paris & New York

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