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Master in Political Science, Major in Comparative Politics

Section #objectifs

Objectives of the programme: train researchers and experts

In this Masters programme an internationally recognized team of academics provides training through research.  The programme is specifically geared towards students interested in academic careers (research and teaching), but also caters to those considering careers as experts in public or private international organizations, general entrance exams for international or European public service, and diplomatic careers.  

Section #structure

Structure of the programme

The curriculum draws on four types of teaching, including: core courses, methods courses, advanced courses, and specialty courses.  It provides students one-on-one tutoring and close supervision to help them define a research strategy and develop their thesis.  Continued emphasis is placed on the relation to the field – not only in the methodology courses and the specialty seminars on different geographical areas, but also in the core courses and the advanced courses.

Section #contacts


Laurence Louër
Scientific coordinator, Associate Professor (CERI)

Jan Rovny
Scientific coordinator, Associate Professor (CEE and LIEPP)

Contact us by e-mail or telephone to make an appointment:

Shan Qin-Petit
Administrative Officer, coordinator of the programme in Political Science (replaces Marie Hélène Kremer during her absence) 
(M2 Students)

Ph.: +33 (0)1 45 49 55 09

Fathim Cisse
Administrative Officer
(M1 Students)

Ph.: +33 (0)1 45 49 72 06

Points clés

  • Two-year Master's
  • Language: French
  • ECTS: 120minimum

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