The School hosts several chairs with public and private in order to develop research and academic programs on today's major main contemporary issues.

Good in Tech Chair

Good In Tech main objectives are to create knowledge around four research areas and to contribute to the dissemination of this knowledge not only in academic and pedagogical spheres but also to corporations, decision-makers, regulators and the general public.

To this end, the Chair aims to create and develop an ecosystem of interactions between research, companies, students from the two partner academics and political institutions, civil society in order to raise awareness of all stakeholders on this new paradigm on responsible digital technologies and innovation.

The chair also aims to develop international partnerships, particularly in Europe, to share the issues of responsible digital innovation with international committees.

Finally, the Chair aims to share the results of academic works and debates it organizes with national and European political institutions in order to inform and influence public policies.

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Work and Organisational Change

The Chair in Work and Organisational Change aims to provide a hub for thinking about the factors driving change in business (and other) organisations and their consequences, and about the jobs and forms of employment of the future. Given the current context of growing organisational and societal complexity, critical reflection on these transformations is imperative. The Chair aims to become a reference in Europe and a platform for producing research and teaching through cooperation between researchers and faculty from Sciences Po’s five disciplines, companies, experts and practitioners, public stakeholders, regulatory institutions, and students. Debates and events featuring prominent figures will demonstrate this ambition for broad-based dialogue. The Chair will also support the translation of research findings into dedicated course offerings within Sciences Po Master’s programmes.

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