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Dual Degree "Media And Communication" with Fudan University (Shanghai, China)

A curriculum devoted to communication and media in Asian and Europeans areas

The Master of Communications, Media and Creative Industries dual degree is available to all students interested in analysing European and Asian media and in developing adequate skills to work in the sector of communications and media. It will also help to understand the different approaches Asians and Europeans have to governing Media and Communications Groups.

It offers two degrees to students who successfully complete the two-year programme: an MA from Sciences Po and an equivalent master's degree from Fudan University in Shanghai.

Our aim is to train students from all over the world to become specialists in Media and Communication, with a particular focus on the Asian and European areas.

Besides language prerequisites, Chinese, French and English classes will be taught.

Graduates of this dual degree will have access to a wide range of career opportunities in the communications and media industries, in private or public institutions, advertising groups and marketing research institutes.


Admissions and tuition fees

Applications will be done online via the Sciences Po Admissions website. Please visit our admission website or contact the Admissions service to learn more about the admission online process.

Candidates must hold an undergraduate degree or the equivalent of a Bachelor's Degree.

Find out more about admissions procedure, calendar and requirements.

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