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Scientific events

Doctoral candidates are members of the academic community of the Law School. They are encouraged to be involved in the collective life of the School and take part in the organization of some of its event, including the following:

This is the only mandate course to complete the requirements of the doctoral program. This course takes place over 3 years and must be attended by all doctoral candidates in residence. The course is animated by the permanent faculty and invited faculty on different topics exploring different methods and methodologies of research. The calendar of the sessions is distributed by the end of September/early October of each year. 

All sessions take place on Thursdays between 14:30-16:30 in the meeting room of the Law School, unless otherwise indicated. Readings are distributed before the sessions, which should be prepared in advance to partake in the discussion. 

Doctoral Colloquium

D1 doctoral candidates and D3 doctoral candidates present their projects and chapters at the D1 and D3 Colloquiums, respectively. These Colloquia are open the entire scientific community at the Law School to engage with their work. 

Visiting Colloquium

Visiting students and visiting researchers invited by the Doctoral Program participate in the Law School academic life and present their research projects during these colloquia. The sessions take place on Thursdays from 14:00 to 16:30. Readings are sent in advance of the colloquium thus allowing exchanges that benefit all members of the Law School's scientific community.

Initiated in 2011, the Intensive Doctoral Week (IDW) is a co-organised initiative by Sciences Po Law School and the Law and Political Science Doctoral School of Paris Nanterre University.

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The Graduate Conference of Sciences Po Law School constitutes a yearly event that takes place during the Intensive Doctoral Week (IDW) which runs every year in June. Despite the diversity of themes and topics addressed over the years, its main goal is to establish cross-cultural and interdisciplinary conversations in order to critically engage with the legal phenomenon, understood in a plurality of ways.

To do so, young scholars and Ph.D candidates are selected and invited to join a panel among several as part of a more general Conference revolving around a particular theme or research question. The organization committee of the Graduate Conference, which is typically composed of first year Ph.D Candidates at Sciences Po Law School, chooses the themes, selects the speakers and provides the structure of the event.

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Doctoral seminars are seminars organized by doctoral candidates on various themes and take on different formats (film screenings, lectures, conferences, etc.) that stimulate discussions and interactions at the Law School.

Juristes anarchistes

The project is an attempt to begin a conversation on the contribution that legal science can make to anarchist political theory. More precisely, the institutions of natural law and customary law offer a glimpse of a stateless society. The goal of our reading group is to discuss the readings which, we think, can help us assess the anarchist potential of these two legal ideas. 

Law and Cinema Club

Hosted by the Sciences Po Law School, the Law and Cinema Club selects and screens only the most intriguing films and documentaries, that all share a strong legal dimension. Our monthly screenings seek to regularly bring together a broad range of doctoral students and faculty staff for discussion and introspection.