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Research centers

Sciences Po is a major social sciences research and teaching institution. It offers undergraduate and graduate education in economics, law, history, sociology and political science.

Research at Sciences Po hosts Research Centers bringing together over 200 researchers. Five of these centres are associated with the CNRS (the French National Centre for Scientific Research). The School of Research, with over 500 Ph.D. students, is a central element of Sciences Po's research infrastructure.

Research at Sciences Po covers economics, law, history, sociology and political science, while also taking in many interdisciplinary topics such as cities, political ecology, sustainable development, socioeconomics and globalization.

Among French universities, Sciences Po, as an independently governed structure, can afford unparalleled flexibility in the pursuit of research excellence.

Located in the heart of Paris, Sciences Po is the hub of a very large international network of lecturers, researchers and students.

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Research Departments

Sciences Po dedicates more than 35% of its budget to research, which constitutes the basis of its educational program.

With more than 200 permanent faculty members and 350 Ph.D. students, research is organized int o research units and five departments for each of the core disciplines.

The departments participate in the deliberation and coordination of Sciences Po’s teaching programs, carry out the recruitment and evaluation of faculty members and centralize information relevant for their respective fields.

The tight articulation between these efforts and the thematic focus of the research institutes are a fundamental element of Sciences Po’s interdisciplinary approach in the social sciences.

The five departments :

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