Department of History

The Department of History at Sciences Po coordinates the teaching of history from the undergraduate to the doctoral levels. Underpinned by our faculty, we offer courses in modern and contemporary history and ensure the quality, diversity, and complementarity of our course offerings on all Sciences Po campuses.

The Department of History is attached to the Sciences Po Centre for History and works closely with the "Direction de la formation".

Department composition and organisation

The Department of History brings together all faculty who teach history at Sciences Po, independently of the research centre to which they belong.

The life of the Department is punctuated by the Centre for History general meeting, faculty meetings, and meetings to coordinate the core courses in history on each of the campuses of the Sciences Po Undergraduate College and at graduate level.

The Head of Department is elected for a term of three years, renewable once. He or she represents the department on the Sciences Po Academic Board (FR) and at the meeting of Sciences Po school and department heads, and validates the forecasts and review reports of department members. He or she helps prepare the meetings of the Executive Committee and the general meeting of the Centre for History and organises the work of the tenure committees together with the Centre for History’s management.

The Undergraduate College advisor works with the administration and the management of each campus to define and coordinate Sciences Po’s range of undergraduate history courses. He or she represents the Department in coordination meetings with the representatives of the other departments responsible for undergraduate teaching at Sciences Po.

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