Florian OSWALD

Associate Professor

Florian OSWALD is Associate Professor of Economics at the Department - he joined us in 2015 and was awarded tenure in 2023. 

His research lies primarily in the fields of Housing, Urban, Macro and Labour Economics. He is also interested in the computational techniques required for structural estimation of microeconometric models. His work has already received recognition in the form of research grants: he was awarded a Banque de France and Sciences Po Junior Research Grant in 2016 and a SAB Grant in 2018 from Sciences Po for his project "Crime and House Prices Using Micro Data". 

Florian OSWALD was awarded his PhD in Economics in 2015 by University College London (UCL).

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featured publications

  • “The Housing Stock, Housing Prices, and User Costs: The Roles of Location, Structure and Unobserved Quality” (with Lars Nesheim and Jonathan Halket). International Economic Review, 2020.
  • “The Effect of Homeownership on the Option Value of Regional Migration”. Quantitative Economics, 2019.
  • “Recourse and residential mortgages: The case of Nevada” (with Wenli Li). Journal of Urban Economics, 2017.
  • “A test of the extreme value type I assumption in the bus engine replacement model” (with Bradley J Larsen, Gregor Reich, and Dan Wunderli). Economics Letters, 2012.
  • “Consumer Bankrupcty, Mortgage Default and Labor Supply” (with Costas Meghir and Wenli Li). Working paper, 2022.
  • “Structural Change, Landuse and Urban Expansion” (with Nicolas Coeurdacier and Marc Teignier). Working paper, 2021.

Research Areas

Applied Econometrics, Housing and Labour Economics, Macroeconomics



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